White Gold Diamond Earring Studs .25TDW

White Gold Diamond Earring Studs .25ct TDW

.25TDW Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Studs
14k white gold

White Gold Diamond Earring Studs .25ct TDW - Above ground diamonds are real diamonds through and through. Started with carbon seeds and grown under perfect conditions to make wonderful sparking gems. Cut with the finest precision by long seasoned professionals and set by veteran jewelers; there is nothing but quality in each pair of these Pure Grown Diamond Earring Studs. Part of what makes these diamonds so unique is the fact that each stone is grown nitrogen free, making them nearly colorless. Nitrogen is responsible for the color in most mined diamonds. Only 2% of below earth diamonds are nitrogen free. With Pure Grown Diamonds from Wexford Jewelers you get bigger, more brilliant diamonds for your money. All grown diamond earring studs come with a lab report certification guaranteeing authenticity and quality.