Raw Aquamarine Silver Ring, Glacier

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Raw Aquamarine Silver Ring, Glacier

Available for whole sizes 4-10.75
Sterling Silver
Raw Aquamarine *please note raw gem disclaimer

Raw Aquamarine Silver Ring, Glacier features an icy raw gemstone held in by five claw-like prongs. The piece is all about the stone, although the band has some pretty detailing with a hammered-like texture around it. When purchasing a raw gemstone ring, or indeed any raw gem jewelry, keep in mind that the uncut formations of these stones are not as sturdy as their faceted counterparts, due to their natural crystalline structure. Each of the stones in these rings will also be different, as the gemstones are all different shapes and sizes when they come out of the earth. Their differences are what make them especially beautiful and unique as no two are exactly the same.

Raw/rough Gems:

Due to their fragile nature and delicate crystal structure, any unpolished or gems not faceted cannot be warrantied. As a novelty item, raw/rough gems are not recommended for everyday wear. Wear at your own risk. Each raw gemstone will be unique and different.

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