Silver Ring, Wide Birch Band

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Silver Ring, Wide Birch Band

Available for sizes 5-11
Sterling Silver
Just over 9mm wide

Silver Ring, Wide Birch Band, is a perfect Northern Michigan inspired ring! Just over 9mm wide, with a flat profile, this is shaped just as if you'd trimmed a piece from a birch tree and hollowed it out. The texture of the bark on this band has been painstakingly replicated from nature to be captured in metal. The edges are ever so slightly detailed with the wood pattern, and there's even an area on the design where it appears as though a twig may have grown and snapped off at one point in time. Check out our online listings to see renditions of our rings with diamonds and other gemstones or contact us for a custom design quote! Very comfortable and durable in design, this item was hand carved by a lover of natural beauty, Sarah Christenson, 2012. Ring weighs 13.6 grams.

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