Chrysocolla Blue Zircon Silver Ring, Melted Pierced

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Chrysocolla Blue Zircon Silver Ring, Melted Pierced

Available for sizes 5-7
Sterling Silver
12.6x6x3 AAA Chrysocolla
(4) 2.2mm Blue Zircon

Chrysocolla Blue Zircon Silver Ring, Melted Pierced is a designer piece weighing 8.3g of sterling silver. Set with a 12.6 x 6x3 finest gem silica, AAA grade chrysocolla and four 2.2mm sparkly blue zircon. The chyrsocolla is a pillow shape- longish and curved at the ends. The zircons are round, three in a row on the top of the ring, and one on the side facing out, prong set. The design is a study in contrast and conflict- with a pierced, organic, root system on one side and a smooth melted wider band on the other side. When wearing this piece, your skin will show through the pierced side. The design widens as it gets near the top and forms the prong/bezel system that holds the chrysocolla. This is a unique gem with a hint of translucency to it, and a tendency to darken just a bit over time as it is worn. It's found in Arizona and Russia, and gets the vivid phthalocyanine color from copper oxide deposits. This piece measures 4mm at narrowest on bottom and 15.5mm at widest on top. Definitely a one of a kind treasure.

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