Silver Citrine Ring, Garden Snake

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Silver Citrine Ring, Garden Snake

Adjustable for sizes 4-9
Sterling Silver

Silver Citrine Ring, Garden Snake: This sly serpent slithers and curls around your finger subtly and craftily until you cannot help, but fall in love.  It is set with two genuine Citrine. Scales and stripe patterns are hand carved into the body, and tiny eyes are perfectly formed in the elegant head. The band is 2.5mm wide at the bottom, and 2mm thick for durability. The band widens to 3mm near the head, curling up and around the finger for an open and comfortable fit, is 22mm (nearly an inch).  Citrine gems measure 1.8mm and 1.5mm respectively. Sterling silver. Shown in a size 7 fit, easily adjustable. Please adjust ring to fit one finger and then leave alone, do not bend back and forth or metal will fatigue and weaken. 3.3 grams


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