Pink Tourmaline 14K Rose Gold Butterfly Split Chain Pendant

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Pink Tourmaline Rose Gold Butterfly Split Chain Pendant, Lacewing

5.5ct TW Pink Tourmaline
14K Rose Gold
One of a Kind

Fluttering to your collarbone, our unique butterfly necklaces bring summertime to life! While there are very few pink butterflies in nature, we like to let our imagination run wild. These wings were carved from the gemstone tourmaline, and each pair is unique. We made a setting for them that resembles the Lacewing variety. Cast in 14k rose gold, the wing edges are scalloped and delicate, with little open spaces that give a peek through the metal. Prongs wrap securely around the gemstones and form the edges of the wings. 

A rose gold chain completes the piece, sturdy yet slender.

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