Raw Montana Sapphire Citrine Silver Necklace, Blaze

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Raw Montana Sapphire Citrine Silver Necklace, Blaze

9x7 Raw Montana Sapphire
Sterling Silver
Faceted Sapphire

Sourced from the Missouri River, this Montana Sapphire has a fiery orange blaze in the center. It looks somewhat like a sunset one would find in the wide open skies of Montana or the Western US.
The base color of this gem is a soft, muted sage green. It is a rough gem, utterly unpolished and uncut. We've designed a geometric pendant base for it, rough and undulating to echo the gem's properties. Rugged, handformed prongs clutch the stone low and secure. Setting and chain are sterling silver.

The accent gems are sapphire as well- both orange and sage green to pick up the center gem colors. The side stones are sparkling and faceted to contrast with the rough center. They are tucked low into the design for protection. There's also an intensely orange citrine to accent the entire color scheme. This is a one of a kind piece designed by Sarah J Christenson. Matching ring available.

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