Purple Sapphire Silver Ring, Sequoia

Purple Diamond Silver Ring, Sequoia

Available for sizes 5-8
Sterling Silver
2.5mm Purple Diamond

Purple Diamond Silver Ring, Sequoia: wide and bold, this ring holds a single droplet of purple, a rich 2.5mm purple diamond. The ring has a low profile and is extremely comfortable to wear due to the squarish cornered shape, the stone is sturdily set into the ring in a bezel style setting and there are no prongs to be catching on things as you go about your daily tasks. The band wraps around the finger, with the tapering end melted onto the wider end. In this area of the ring is where the diamond is held in place, and the tree trunk texture begins just below the stone setting. The piece is primarily sandblasted and etched, then polished in the accent areas to really make the texture pop. Handcrafted and cast in sterling silver.