Raw Aquamarine Silver Ring, Birch Bark

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Raw Aquamarine Silver Ring, Birch Bark 

Available for sizes 4-8
Sterling Silver
Raw Aquamarine

Raw Aquamarine Silver Ring, Birch Bark is a 7.5mm x 5mm raw aquamarine is prong set in our popular birch band. The band is sculpted like a slice of birch branch. Featuring a flat profile, this is shaped just as if you'd trimmed a piece from a birch tree and hollowed it out. The detail of the lenticels is both raised and carved in, giving this ring a lovely tactile experience. The edges are ever so slightly detailed with the wood pattern, and there's an area on the design where a twig may have grown and snapped off at one point. One-of-a-kind piece by Sarah Jane Christenson. Sterling Silver. Ring weighs 6.4 grams. Raw/rough Gems: Due to their fragile nature and delicate crystal structure, any unpolished/un-faceted gem cannot be warrantied. As a novelty item, raw/rough gems are not recommended for everyday wear. Wear at your own risk.

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