Silver Druzy Quartz Pendant, Horse Head Nebula

Silver Druzy Quartz Pendant, Horse Head

Sterling Silver Chain and Setting
40x27.5mm Druzy Chalcedony
(2) 2mm, (2) 3mm, 6x4mm Pear Shape, 2mm Sq. Rubies
2.25mm, 3mm, 4x3mm Pink Tourmalines
3.75mm Garnet Cabochon

Silver Druzy Quartz Pendant, Horse Head - Druzy chalcedony, glimmering with tiny crystal points from every angle, lovely magenta in color and surrounded by gems. The main stone is a 40 x 27.5mm druzy chalcedony, freeform round-edge - triangular in shape. There are hints of pink, brown, violet, and magenta visible in the gem, and it is set in a hand sculpted bezel. The bezel rims the stone, interrupted at points with prongs for design and further stone security. This is centered within a wall of silver, studded with an assortment of tone-matching gems! They are as follows: Two- 2mm and two- 3mm round ruby One- 6 x 4mm teardrop shaped ruby One- 2mm square ruby One-2mm, one- 2.25mm, and one- 3mm round pink tourmaline One- 4 x 3mm oval pink tourmaline One 3.75mm garnet cabochon. Pendant measures 51.5 x 41.25mm and cast solid. The backside, as seen in photos, is also decorative and comfortable against the skin. 30 grams of solid sterling silver. Pendant is soldered to a strong glittering box chain. Designed by Sarah J. Christenson