Moissanite Silver Solitaire Ring, Wexford Legacy 5mm

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Moissanite Silver Solitaire Ring , Wexford Legacy 5mm

Sizes Available 4-10
5mm Forever Brilliant Moissanite
Sterling Silver

Moissanite Silver Solitaire Ring , Wexford Legacy 5mm - This heirloom quality piece is built to last. With the mindset that jewelry is made to be worn for a lifetime, and seeing how slender traditional bands can be, this piece was born as the perfect balance between sturdy and elegant. Sleek and polished, but low to the hand for comfort. The ring's shank is thick and contoured, the stone setting is slung low to the finger and solid, but with just enough light let through to make your gem scintillate and gleam. The ring features 4 thick and reliable prongs to hold in your gem. Cast in Sterling Silver and comes with a limited three warranty on the general metal structure of the ring with sixth month inspections. The This ring is set with a sparkling 5mm Forever Brilliant Moissanite which carries a lifetime warranty from cracking, chipping or breaking. A custom wedding band can be ordered later to go with each individual ring of this design, as the stone size and shape in each one will also vary the shape of the fitted band. To be blunt, you will be hard pressed to find a ring with this quality, warranty and price.

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