Diamond Sapphire White Gold Ring Wedding Ring, 1.66ct TDW

Diamond Sapphire White Gold Wedding Ring, 1.66ct TDW

Available for sizes 6.5-8
14K White Gold
1.66ct TDW

Diamond Sapphire White Gold Ring Wedding Ring, 1.66ct TDW White Gold Ring, 1.66ct TDW is one amazing ring! This stunner is sparkle and beauty from every angle, with a bright pop of brilliant color in the center gemstone, a 6mm round Chatham blue sapphire. The lab grown Chatham stone is the same composition as the natural earth grown gem, only its grown in a controlled environment and is a "perfect" representation of the stone, meaning it doesn't have the potential imperfections or inclusions that a earth mined stone could have. This gorgeous royal blue stone is accompanied by a whopping 1.66ct of SI/G-H diamonds in this ring! There are graduated size white diamonds running down the ring's shank on either side of the central stone, as well as many small accent diamonds gracing the prongs, and sides of the ring. What a showstopper! Whether used as your engagement ring, or as a treat for another reason, this piece is definitely worthy of marking one of life's major occasions.