Diamond Yellow Gold Wedding Set, Maple Leaf

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Diamond Yellow Gold Wedding Set, Maple Leaf

    Available for sizes 5-8
    14K Yellow Gold

Diamond Yellow Gold Wedding Set, Maple Leaf is a lovely organic wedding ring set. Maple branches wend delicately around the finger and flutter against the central gemstone. Tiny etched gold leaves curl gently around the ring's band and cluster near the diamond center. The bands that comprise this set are about 2mm thick each, with bark detail gently showing all around. The set fits together- the engagement ring holds the jewel in a die-struck durable head, and the wedding band wraps around this for a forest look when worn together. The set measures 10mm wide at the top and tapers to 4.3mm at the bottom. Cast in 14k yellow gold, set with a pretty double prong white gold head, this piece holds a 0.275ct diamond measuring 4.1 x 4.1 x 2.45mm. Weighs 5.1 grams.

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