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Bisnonna Ring

The Bisnonna Ring is the wedding ring worn by the Bisnonna (great-grandmother) Silvia Mascarin. We pulled a mold off it to preserve the lovely design for posterity.

Are we a little bit biased because we love to use it often? Maybe, but who cares? It’s pretty enough to sway opinion.

Mathematically perfect sides forms Art Deco petals of a sort, holding the central stone in place, as well as being studded with a diamond each. This is the wedding set version, because that ring can only be worn by itself, so if you ever intend to use this as a wedding set, this listing is the one to buy!

The Bisnonna Ring is notched beneath for the band to fit up inside. The wedding band measures appx 2mm wide and has similar detailing on the sides- the small crease going up the band.

The top round part of the design measures 10mm around, and the bands each begin at 2mm and widen just a bit as they go around the finger. Total band width (both bands together) at the bottom is just under 5mm. Featuring a 0.07ct round center diamond, with six 0.02ct sides. Total diamond weight 0.19ct. Cast in 14k white gold.  We have multiple variations that we have created.  Looking for ideas on how to maximize this Made to Order piece?  See them here

Made To Order