Fine Jewelry Care Instructions

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Pearls Of Wisdom

1. Visit us twice per year to have your fine jewelry professionally
cleaned and inspected.
Always follow through on recommended maintenance.
Out of town clients may visit a reputable jeweler in their locale.
2. Always remove jewelry before sleeping, cleaning, chores or
rigorous activity. Precious metals are soft and wear down
with repetitive use. Use discretion when wearing your valuables.
3. When storing jewelry, place each item in a separate, soft,
compact container. If cluttered together, jewelry can become
scratched - even diamonds!
4. If you bump or snag your jewelry, have it inspected for
for potential damage that may be unnoticeable to you. Even
diamonds can chip if struck at the right angle.
5. When precious metals are exposed to the chemicals found
in cleaning and personal care products, items my tarnish and
stones may be damaged.
6. Remove jewelry before swimming. Fingers constrict in water,
making rings more likely to fall off. Salt or chlorinated water and
jewelry DO NOT mix, it can damage some stones and metals.
7. White gold and silver jewelry needs Rhodium Plating (dipping)
This will help your white gold jewelry from getting the yellow hue
after extensive wear.
8. The best way to keep your valuable jewelry collections is to
store them in a burglary and fire-resistant safe.
9. Pearls should not be worn in water as it can loosen epoxy
in set pieces or weaken & rot silk thread on strung pearls.
Store them laying flat on a padded surface as the thread or
clasps can stretch if hung. The nacre (the pearly luster) can
scratch easily so limit wear on such delicate items.
The greatest care you can provide for your valuables is to have them covered with both a jewelry care plan + insurance for common preventative maintenance and loss/theft & damage coverage. Please inquire at time of purchase and we can assist with making sure you have the best protection for your loved pieces.
The Wexford Team