Meet the Team

Who we are

Sisters Sarah, Emily and Julie, are co-founders and owners of Wexford Jewelers. Apprenticed from their teenage years whether they wanted to or not, they’ve spent a lifetime serving and learning while bringing beauty to the world. All three are just a little- ok, actually a lot- obsessed with food.

First Jason, and then Keith were press ganged into the family business via marriage. Together with the sisters, they’ve created and delivered countless jewelry items over a couple of decades. Each one wears too many hats to list, so take a moment to get to know them below, and the talents they bring to this ‘multifaceted’ industry:


 Sarah Christenson


Our Lead Designer, known for bringing order from chaos, while also bringing order to chaos. Her skills include design and sculpting, writing copy, overthinking everything, and custom consult. 

An avid reader of romance, Sarah loves being part of clients’ happily ever after. Her favorite thing about her job is sculpting minute detail into her designs, and the first thing she sculpted was a fried egg from Play-Doh.  If a week goes by in which Sarah Christenson doesn’t get to create, she gets a little twitchy.

Sarah’s artistic heroes are René Lalique, Alphonse Mucha, and Eminem. If she could make anything in the world, it’d be either movie props, or the perfect Eggs Benedict.


 Emily Nichols


Our resident Jewelry Magician, Emily Nichols is the go-to person when a piece needs special skill in restoring, refurbishing, or repairing. She’s also a whiz at gem setting, design concept, hammering metal when we’re trying to talk, and generally making things shiny.

Her favorite thing about her job is seeing the smile on the face of a client who’s just been handed their heirloom jewelry.

Emily’s our resident Birthday Bash Babe with her natural gift of hospitality. She’s inspired by kindness and nature, and is never to be found without lip balm. If you’re very lucky, you might catch her dropping into an impromptu rap music dance-off.


Julie Terwilliger


Known as our Senior Troublemaker, but more importantly, a visionary and driving force behind much of Wexford Jewelers. Her skills include custom consult, design, inspiration, sculpting, dog snuggling, and untangling the knottiest fine chains. She’s a graduate of the GIA Diamonds Program and loves making things sparkle.  

If Julie Terwilliger could create anything, it’d be a tiara that converts into a necklace. Versatility is important to her, and sometimes it’s simply too windy to wear a tiara.

Julie’s greatest desire in life is a walk-on role in a Hallmark Christmas movie. If someone reading this can make that happen, please have your people speak to our people.