Silver Crystal Dangle Earrings, Blue Moon

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Silver Crystal Dangle Earrings, Blue Moon

Sterling Silver
Swarovski crystal

Silver Crystal Dangle Earrings, Blue Moon - In the 1980s, our dad designed a whimsical earring- a smiling man in the moon that held a sparkling crystal. This design was made in pewter, long before our family's precious metal days. Our father sold many of these earrings at art shows around the country, and we treasured the design. Wexford Jeweler's designer, Sarah recalls her first job was assembling them at age eight! In homage to our father and co-founder, we wanted to make a piece that was just as whimsical, but our very own design. Sarah sculpted these cheerful crescent moons and accompanying dangle. The moon has a tiny crown of stars that hold the ear wire. The man in the moon has a sleepy face and little cutout heart cheek.

The dangle is a beaded heart, and swings freely. The earrings feature genuine Swarovski crystal drops. The circular drop is a blue gradient with vibrant tones of turquoise and royal blue. The briolette drops are corresponding tones of turquoise and denim to match the stunning center. They catch the light and make little rainbows and sparkles whenever you turn your head! When we assemble these, all rings are soldered for durability. Sterling silver earrings, just over 2 inches in length (5cm). All parts solid sterling. Exclusive design copyright 2018 Wexford Jewelers.

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