Blue Sapphire Melted Band, Silver Ring

Blue Sapphire Wide Melted Band, Silver Ring

Sizes Available: 10-13
0.54ct Blue Sapphire
Sterling Silver 

Melted bands are an artisan process. Our sculptor starts with a sheet of material and bends, tears, melts, rolls and shapes it into a ring. This is then cast in metal. Jewelers polish the high spots, while leaving the recessed curves a silky matte finish. The result is a unique band with undulating edges and varying textures. The Melted rings are incredibly durable and very comfortable.

This is the Wide Melted band, and we've set it with a scattering of sapphires. Blue gems peek out from the rolled edges, held in with prongs that sort of flow into the design. The ring is appx 10mm wide all around (3/8").