Raw Aquamarine Silver Ring, Openwork Arches

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Raw Aquamarine Silver Ring, Openwork Arches

Available for sizes 5-10
Sterling Silver
Raw Aquamarine

Raw Aquamarine Silver Ring, Openwork Arches features one of our most popular raw gemstones, Aquamarine. This icy blue gem is traditionally the birthstone of March, but many people love the dainty light blue color it possesses. This particular piece measures approximately 11 x 7.5mm and it sits down into the setting nicely, held in with two silver prongs and the arched edges of the ring. Underneath the seat of the gem there are open sections allowing skin to show through the silver. Cast in sterling and set/finished in our Northern Michigan store this design is new in our case as of 2016, designed by Julie Terwilliger. This particular piece has a beautiful brushed finish, satin-like in appearance. This ring weighs about 6.5 grams. Please see raw gem disclaimer below for important info about wearing these beautiful natural stones.

Raw/rough Gems: Due to their fragile nature and delicate crystal structure, any unpolished/un-faceted gem cannot be warrantied. As a novelty item, raw/rough gems are not recommended for everyday wear. Wear at your own risk.

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