Swarovski Crystal Silver Dangle Necklace, Blue Moon

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Swarovski Crystal Silver Dangle Necklace, Celestial Blue Moon

Sterling Silver
Swarovski Crystal

Once in a blue moon a bauble captures your fancy. Twinkling blue crystals cascade from a crescent moon pendant. The man in the moon smiles in his sleep, casting pleasant dreams on a slumbering world. Stars accent the design, one tiny star balances on the point of the crescent while one connects a crystal to the pendant. Everywhere you look you will find tiny details- swirls and meteor craters on the moon, beadwork decorating the stars.

Pendant is handmade, exclusive to Wexford Jewelers. Blue crystals in gradient shades of twilight and sky reflect and refract the light. Genuine Swarovski drops are fastened securely with soldered rings, and the sterling chain is attached to the body of the pendant. Matching earrings and ring available on our website and in-store. Design 2019 Sarah J Christenson

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