White Gold Diamond Wedding Ring Set, Small Poppy

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White Gold Diamond Wedding Ring Set, Small Poppy

Sizes Available: 4.5-10
3mm Rose Cut Diamond VS/SI
14K White Gold

White Gold Diamond Wedding Ring Set, Small Poppy. Poppies are some of our favorite flowers, blooming so vivid and yet so elegant. Petals unfurl with little crinkles and folds, while the stems and seed heads bow gracefully in the breeze. It's no wonder we've designed three separate poppy designs in one year! This wedding set features a 10mm poppy that holds a 3mm rose cut diamond. Rose cuts are a unique facet pattern that date back to the Renaissance period. They sparkle in an understated way, and lie flatter to the finger than a round brilliant cut. That makes them the perfect stone for this design, since we wanted our Small Poppy set to look lovely, while not interfering with your day to day work.

Hand sculpted petals are fully textured and are nestled down into a design of stems, leaves and poppy buds. The wedding band fits the ring with an understated stem and bud motif. Diamond is set into ten tiny prongs made to resemble stamen. Design and sculpture by Sarah J Christenson. This piece is available as a special order in other gold colors, platinum, or two tone.

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